Detailed Information

This is Maranda (left) and Diana, two ladies who care a lot about the community they live in and the food they eat. We bought our home in Alton in 2019 and love living in the Middletown neighborhood. We also recognize the privilege that affords us the opportunity. We believe in the power of food sovereignty and have always shared a skepticism for our mainstream food system.

In 2011 we were hooked by fresh veggie boxes from local farmers. With every farmer we meet, we have a deeper understanding about not just the food we eat but what it takes to grow food – fairly.

10 years later, who knew we’d be starting our own urban farm?! Everyday we feel like we are growing, just like our baby plants. We’re lowkey jazz hands about contributing to our community as both business owners and agents for change. Stay tuned! We will constantly be adding to the website about our mission and how it works.