Detailed Information

We are:
Patient-Focused — We consider the patient in all that we do; we treat our patients and their families with compassion and respect, and work to earn their trust in every encounter they have with us

Disciplined — We have responsibility to be good stewards of a community health asset that is entrusted to us; we wisely manage our processes, assets and finances to ensure we have the resources to meet the health care needs of our communities now and in the future

Knowledge-Driven — We identify and embrace new techniques, ideas, advancements, evidence-based standards and demonstrated best practices to improve health care quality and clinical outcomes; each of us is committed to continually improving our individual skills, knowledge and talents

We demonstrate:
Trust, Dignity and Respect — Everyone brings value and deserves the opportunities and supportive environments that allow them to reach their full potential; we embrace the similarities and differences that help us fulfill our purpose

High Ethical Standards and Behaviors — Each of us adheres to a code of conduct to ensure honesty, fairness and individual integrity

Teamwork and Accountability — Working together allows us to accomplish more than we could individually; each of us is responsible for doing our best, keeping our commitments and sharing our knowledge to advance the mission of Alton Memorial Hospital