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We COEXIST and support all spiritual paths.

It’s Raining Zen is about a positive, peaceful, loving approach to life! We stock crystals, stones, candles, sage, oils, dried herbs, incense, bohemian clothes, intuitive tools and so much more! Scads of parking is available on Broadway and Alton too!

Our fun, quirky and unique shop located in Historical Mineral Springs Mall is designed to enhance your spiritual side.

When you have a positive approach to life and its challenges, the set backs seem smaller. Our journey isn’t always an easy one, nor can it be pleasant all the time.

Sometimes carrying our favorite stone, lighting a candle, or smelling the aroma of incense or essential oils triggers a more positive time. This combined with prayer or meditation is usually what we need to get or keep our spiritual side on track. Life is too short to be anything but happy!

Wishing you peace, love, light, and happiness!