Some local residents may have only a passing familiarity with the historical Mineral Springs Hotel in downtown Alton.  Looking at the hotel’s stately exterior of the majestic shadow thrown onto Alby Street by the McPike Mansion, it’s easy to take lightly the stories of hauntings and paranormal activity. But exploring eerie upper hallways and dark sub-basement areas firsthand gives visitors a palpable feeling for the chilling and curious histories and mysteries. Together, they are known nationally as two of the most haunted locations in the country.

On Saturday evening, Jan. 12, the Travel Channel paranormal series “Ghost Adventures” will broadcast an episode focusing on the hotel, along with discoveries a crew made while investigating the property.

Last weekend’s episode featured the McPike Mansion.

Dave and Donna Nunnally are owners of several businesses operating out of the Mineral Springs Hotel’s first floor. They were instrumental in getting the TV series to do the episodes.

“I would say I shepherded the project, but there were a lot of people involved in making it happen,” Dave says.

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The “Ghost Adventures” team has been investigating reputedly haunted locations on the Travel Channel since 2008.